Our Etsy Store

BraveStaves launched in early July 2020 on Etsy. Etsy have provided us with a great launchpad for our small family business, this has been a great way for us to test the water and gauge how popular our sustainable, recycled Scotch Whisky stave products would be with gift shoppers.

Etsy Shopping

Having now notched up 480 sales on Etsy (and still counting...), we felt it necessary to provide our customers with another option when buying BraveStaves products. We have now created our own website BraveStaves where customers can buy direct from us without relying on the Etsy platform. We will of course remain selling our products through Etsy for customers who prefer this platform.

BraveStaves Etsy Store
This website will allow us to provide our customers with a bit more information on the process our staves go through, how we are using products ONLY sourced in Scotland and keep our customers updated with new products which are in the pipeline.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.