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About Brave Staves

BraveStaves is a Scottish family business.

From the outset the BraveStave family were adamant that BraveStaves should only work with used and retired whisky staves (nothing new). These initial staves, after some special treatment, were turned into sustainable oak trays which were to be sold on BravesStaves new online store.

BraveStaves - Recycled Whisky Staves
We initially wanted to use the oak trays predominantly to hold candles for a table centre piece. Once the initial product was created, we quickly realised these would be ideal for a whisky drinker to use for their own whisky glass or perhaps share a few whiskies with friends with one of the larger whisky tasting trays.

Within the first few months BraveStaves had over 20 products in their online store but we are always looking for ideas on where to take the product range next. So, if you have something in mind that would go well with a stave, simply contact us and we can work to create that for you.

We pride ourselves in our extremely high levels of customer service and we take great pride in meeting our customers needs. If you have any feedback you would like to share with us about any part of our service, please just let us know, we would love to hear from you.