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Glencairn Glass

The Glencairn glass has long been considered by the whisky industry as the whisky glass of choice, some may consider this whisky tasting glass to be the best of the best!

The Glencairn Glass

We have chosen this glass as our official tasting flight glass, because of its tried and tested reputation amongst whisky experts and enthusiasts. They have a 50mm solid base which is a perfect size to fit the majority of stave widths. They also hold a perfect 35ml measure of whisky with enough room to add a few splashes of water or even an ice cube; however you prefer your dram, it's totally up to you. But, whatever you add this glass allows you the room to do so.

Whisky Tasting Flight with Glencairn Whisky Tasting Glasses

We procure our Glencairn glasses direct from Glencairn here in Scotland. Making our whisky tasting flight tray a product of Scotland.