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Oak Whisky Staves

Brave Staves originate from tired Scotch Whisky barrels and casks. Both European and American oak. Each stave enters our process of gradual sanding to reveal the unique grain of the wood, however, we leave enough of the character on the stave which has been achieved over years of maturing Scotch Whisky.

A light sanding process is applied to the charring on the underside of the stave. These solid Whisky staves are then treated with high-grade teak oil which further enhances the characteristics of the wood. The charred underside, however, is not treated with teak oil, this helps us maintain the faint whisky aromas on the stave which have been collected throughout the maturation process of the whisky over a great number of years.

Recycled Oak Staves

Like Scotch whisky, no two staves are the same. Staves come in all lengths and widths, some are heavy charred and some light. Some may have a slight bend, some may be completely flat. We do not discriminate we love all our staves, no matter their origin, colour, size or shape.

Our oak stave flights are lined with quality genuine HARRIS TWEED® wool which varies in colour and design. Click here to read more about our HARRIS TWEED® selection.